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Sacred Circles Issue 1
The one that started it all!  An ancient evil force has been awaken in present time.  It's up to a brother and sister to stop it!
Sacred Circles Issue 2
Birch Bark Comics & Design - COMICS
Modern First Nations storytelling at its finest!  Here are the published works of Birch Bark Comics and The Healthy Aboriginal Network written by Brandon Mitchell.

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The story continues in issue 2, where our heros have met up with some unlikely allies.
Drawing Hope
Published and Produced by the Healthy Aboriginal Network - An anthology of stories told by members of the Whitecrow Village community living with FASD. 

Copyright - The Healthy Aboriginal Network
River Run
Published and Produced by the Healthy Aboriginal Network - A smoking prevention story about a group of teenagers on a canoe trip learning the traditional use of tobacco.

Copyright- The Healthy Aboriginal Network
First Nations storytelling!